ELRAD International d.o.o, a global enterprise known for its advanced design and manufacturing know-how, originated in Germany and has production facilities in Slovenia, Serbia and China. Founded in 1996, ELRAD International d.o.o is mainly engaged in the development and manufacturing of electronic controls such as kitchenware, power tools and home appliances.
       ELRAD International d.o.o is maintaining its leadership in the development and
production of electronic controls by consistantly adhering to  science-and-technology-based development, the utilization of the most advanced production equipment and highly competent management,. As early as 1998, ELRAD International passed ISO9001, International Organization for Standardization and in 2004 ISO14001, Environment Management System Certification.
ELRAD Electronics (Dong Guan) Co., Ltd is recognized as a Hi-Tech Enterprise by the Chinese Government.

  Customer Service— we are serving for Bosch, Panasonic, Metabo, Miele such well-known brands, mainly engaged in the development and manufacturing of home appliances, electronic controls such as power tools, garden tools, radio influence, motor controls and industrial electronics.
  We are award the “Supplier of the year” from Bosch repeatedly.
Please offer the PCB graphic, component list, burning applications, testing method such technical documents, then we will produce the PCBA to you according the document. You can request the function demand, or even just an idea, then we will design it according your require to achieve the function you need. 
Elrad will be always serving with you. 

Customer Service contact list:
            Michelle  Email :michelle@shduoming.com
                             Tel:086 769 8220 8906
ELRAD was awarded as High-tech Enterprise
      ELRAD  was  awarded  as  High-tech  Enterprise  after  half  a  year’s  effort. 
Development milestone of ELRAD International d.o.o
          In  1996,  ELRAD  International  d.o.o  established 
          In  1998,  ELRAD  got  ISO9001  Quality  Mangement  System  Authentication
          In  1999,  ELRAD  sta...
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Representative Office: Scott FAUDE
Mobile: +41 79 9470 380
E-mail: scott.faude@elrad-int.ch
General manager :Trevor Ding
Tel: +86 769 8220 8938
E-mail: trevor.ding@shduoming.com